We're always trying to make Meal Prep easier!

    Is there an order cut-off time and/or day?

    YES! We cannot accept orders

    any later than Wednesday at 12pm Midnight. (EST)


    Inventory is a finely-tuned machine, and if we don't have a total for all weekly orders to food distributors in time - they will not deliver enough. So get your weekly order submitted as soon as the Weekly Menu is posted.


    TIP: Follow us on Social Media to keep up with new menu announcements.


    Are there meal plans for high-blood pressure and/or diabetics?

    YES! We accept each NEW CUSTOMER with a completed Customer Profile. This is intentional!


    The Customer Profile Form helps us to identify your health concerns - and even allergies that might be fatal. So don't forget to fill one out.


    How much does delivery cost? Are there distance limits?

    Delivery cost are as follows:

    • Customer Pick-Up: FREE
    • 5mi-8mi from location: $10/delivery
    • 9mi-15mi from location: $15/delivery

    There are limits to delivery (for now). To find out if you're in-range, go to GoogleMaps and plan a trip. We are not currently servicing areas further than 15mi from our locations.


    How do I place an order?


    If you're NEW, click NEW CUSTOMER in the main menu. Fill out the profile, pay for your package, and voila - you're all set.


    If you're RETURNING, click ORDER NOW or MENU in the main menu. Fill out your WEEKLY ORDER FORM.


    What time does your pick-up location close?


    We are open in RVA (Richmond VA) from

    Monday to Friday,

    9am - 5pm (EST).


    How quick can I expect results from using the HGX Healthy Xpress Meals or Lean & Loss Meals?

    We don't like cliches either. But...

    Fitness results may vary based upon factors including (but not limited to) hydration, exercise, and consistency. Stress and other ailments may also delay your bodies response to a healthier lifestyle.


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