• BULK & BUILD meal plans

    Extra protein does not build muscle bulk; heavy weight training does.

    ALL THE PROS will confess that the secret to BULKING UP & BUILDING MUSCLE

    requires the careful balance of consuming adequate calories and carbohydrates to fuel your training program.

    Bottom line - HGX will help you TASTE TRIUMPH. Let us do the heavy-lifting!



    These meals are designed to feed muscle - loaded with carbohydrates and protein! This meal plan will surely give you the GAINS without LOSING ANY FLAVOR!


    HGX Bulk & Build has a HUGE range of proteins to suit your program. Sirloin, Salmon, Chicken (grilled/broiled) - and even Vegetarian options!

    IDEAL FOR: Weight-Lifting & Professional Training Programs,

    Healthy Eating Lifestyle Changes,

    and Paleo Diet Practitioners

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    *Meal's Are Available For Pick-Up Monday thru Friday at the following locations:

    -HGX Cafe- 11465 Robious rd. Bon Air VA 23235 (*Sunday 1pm-4pm) or ( Mon-Fri 10am-5pm)

    -Market at 8th & Main- 7 North 8th st. Richmond VA 23219 (Downtown)(Dropped off on Mon available thru -Fri 12pm-9pm)


    1) Sweet Chili (Turkey) Meatballs w/ Jasmine rice & Garlicky green beans 266 cal 30 prot 6.1 fat 23 carb

    2) Cajun Buffalo Wings w/ sweet potato fries (5-6 wings) Calories 690 Protein 40 Fat 57.7 Carbs 3.4

    3) Jamaican Jerk Chicken Taco's w/ Mango Salsa 344 Calories 37.5 Protein 8.2 fat 30 carbs

    4) Teriyaki Ground Turkey over Wilted Spinach & Brown Rice 238 calories 42 Protein 6 fat 4 carb

    5) Asian Sesame Dumplings w/ Garlicky Green Beans 434 calories 21 protein 39 carbs 20 fat

    6) Mush & Onion American Swiss Angus Burger over spinach Calories 429 Protein 36g Fat 17g Carbs ^(4.8 no bun) w/ 33g

    7) BBQ Chicken & caramelized onions Quesadilla & low-fat mozz 443 calories 44 Protein 19 fat 24 carb

    8)*New Item-Roasted veggie supreme Pizza 384 calories 32 Protein 16 fat 28 carb


    *Breakfast Options

    Chicken Sausage links(3) w/ 3 cheese omelet Calories 299 Prot 24 Fat 19 Carb 8

    Protein Packed French Toast & bourbon syrup w/ Chix sausage links 308 Cal 43 Prot 12g Fat 7 carb


    **The above nutritional values are considered estimates only. The nutritional breakdown of the meals you receive may vary slightly. Our meals are prepared in a kitchen that occasionally shares equipment, in the case of a serious allergen concern please contact us directly before placing your order.


    ***All orders placed must be paid for by 10am Thursday unless you are subscribed to our service with a payment method on file. If there is no payment or arrangement made meals will not be available. If no menu is selected, one of each meal will be submitted. Any substitutions of Salmon, Steak, or Shrimp will be billed on a separate invoice at $3.00 each.

    ***All orders submitted after the deadline will incur a $10 fee. If Friday deadline is missed please download our app HEALTHY GOURMET XPRESS and you can order your meals for the week.


    Free Delivery within 15 miles of main location, $5 per 5 miles over 15 mile radius up to 20 miles, 6-10 miles $10 (Sunday Delivery will be made between 2pm-7pm) (Monday Delivery available 3pm-7pm)

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