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    ***All orders placed must be paid for by 10am Thursday unless you are subscribed to our service with a payment method on file. If there is no payment or arrangement made meals will not be available. If no menu is selected, one of each meal will be submitted. Any substitutions of Salmon, Steak, or Shrimp will be billed on a separate invoice at $3.00 each.

    ***All orders submitted after the deadline will incur a $10 fee.

    If deadline is missed please download our app HEALTHY GOURMET XPRESS and you can order your meals for the week.


    *Meal's Are Available For Pick-Up On Monday at 11465 Robious Rd Bon Air VA 23235 (11 am-5pm)

    Sunday at 11465 Robious rd Bon Air VA 23235*

  • weekly menu

    Shrimp Soul Bowl-onions, peppers, broccoli & brown rice 284 calories 32 protein 12 fat 12^ carb

    Teriyaki shrimp & Broccoli Jasmine rice 269 calories 29 protein 9 fat 18 carbs

    Grilled Salmon & Spinach Caesar Salad 388 calories 38 protein 24 fat 5 carbs

    Teriyaki Shrimp Dumplings w/ Broccoli 256 calories 28 protein 8 fat 18 carb

    Seared Cajun Catfish w/ Remy sauce & sauteed green beans 238 calories 31 protein 10 fat 6 carbs

    Shrimp scampi w/ zucchini pasta sautéed cherry tomatoes 201 calories 26 protein 4 carbs 9 fat

    Grilled Pesto Salmon over Wheat pasta w/ Wilted Spinach 544 cal 46 prot 32 fat 18 carb


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